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30 Day Notice Form

When you get a 30 day notice form in the mail or stabled to your door, you'd better consider whether or not you're living a responsible life. Although some people genuinely fall behind on their rent because of hard times that are outside their control, others are boozers, dope heads, and deadbeats who destroy a house, quit paying the rent, and then wait until they are evicted to move out. These people are the scum of society, causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damage to the premises, and leaving it trashed beyond comprehension when they finally move out.

Well meaning wives and girlfriends stay with these bums, unless they are not bums themselves, and subject any children in the home to the trauma of an unstable home when deputies come to give service of the eviction notice, or ultimately, when they arrive to move the property out to the curb. The stress on a woman whose future is uncertain because she doesn't know if or when she will be thrown out into the street causes mental and emotional suffering. Hopefully, she and the children will be able to spend the night at maybe her family's or a friends house, and if not, there will at least be a car to keep them out of the elements. These are the actions that are set in motion when a letter to vacate is ignored.

The family might, if they are more fortunate than some, become guests at a shelter for the homeless, doing such things as assisting preparing food and attending religious services. If the landlord is sympathetic, he may let them stay, even if rent still has not been paid. This might require big weeping eyes and a quivering voice to touch his heart. However, if the landlord has a wife who is hardcore and practical, all the crying in the world will not help, for she will be the first to help move the belongings out of the house and into the street under the pouring rain. No one wants a landlord or a landlord's wife who is like that!

Action to serve notice to vacate the premises is begun at the county court, where papers are signed and filed, and then moved to the sheriff's department, where they are delivered within a reasonable period of time. Depending on the busy schedule of the deputies, it is delivered soon or later with proof of service. The letter that warned the lease holders that they would be evicted if they failed to pay the rent was not sent in malice, but also was not a mere threat. That letter foretold coming action that had teeth. It meant that cash is king and the rent had better be paid or else circumstances would force the landlord to take action.

   Before carrying a weapon, get an Alabama gun permit. Ask your tenant to sign a printable rental lease.